Our Mission: Provide essential services to families, adults, and children within our commity who lack basic resources to sustain themselves.

Our Goal: Provide emergency services to help the homeless and low-income families avoid homelessness, restart their lives, and break the cycle of homelessness.

Myth or fact?

MYTH: The day labor pool that clusters by Valley Restart are VRS clients.

FACT: They have no connection to VRS and are trespassing on Valley Restart property and may be cited.

MYTH: The homeless are bussed from other places to Valley Restart Shelter.

FACT: There is no bussing program to Valley Restart and, in fact, over 80% of participants are from the Valley.

MYTH: Valley Restart participants include parolees, sex offenders and substance abusers.

FACT: Background checks are required and shelter is not provided for registered sex offenders, parolees, persons with warrants and persons convicted of certain violent offences. As a shelter which includes families, participants with substance use issues must be in recovery and random testing is policy.

MYTH: Valley Restart and its participants solicit funds in front of local stores and businesses.

FACT: Valley Restart is not a part of any effort to solicit funds in front of stores or businesses and we do not allow our participants to do so. Participants may not panhandle. All agency funds come from grants, contributions and fundraising.

Please DO NOT support panhandlers in our community. INSTEAD donate to the homeless charity of your choice…especially VRS!