Valley Restart Is More Than A Shelter For The Homeless

We Are A Resource Center That Enables People To Rebuild Their Lives

Imagine with me if you will…

  • Your car was also your home: for you, your spouse and two kids. 
  • You’ve been on the streets for 5 or 6 months now. You can’t remember the last time you had a hot meal, a warm shower and a clean bed.
  • You want desperately for someone to see you, not through you. 

Valley Restart Center is proud to announce that we are not only helping families restart their lives, but we are now accepting single women who need a hand up. Contact the center for more information.

Valley Restart ... A Hand Up Not A Hand Out

What Were You
doing at age 16?

Worrying about acne? Following boy bands? Trying out for a sport? Checking out AP classes and college? 

That’s what most 16 year old girls are doing. However, recently a 16 year old granddaughter and her grandmother were given shelter at Valley Restart. 

They had been living out of their car for over a year. The granddaughter was caring for her grandmother while going to school full time. Can you imagine that sort of responsibility placed on such a young girl? 

Thankfully Valley Restart was able to give them a place to stay and the resources to help them move into subsidized housing. Valley Restart gave them the tools to move forward, and their will and determination gave them the ability to succeed.