How Can I Help?


VRS is funded through a combination of community sources including: local churches, individual donors, local businesses and organizations. Less than half is governmental grants.

How can you help end homelessness?

The success of our participants is dependent on a stable source of operating funds, committed volunteers and the continued support and hard work of our evening meal providers. 

YOU can make a difference in their lives!

  • By making a monthly quarterly or annual monetary pledge – even $5.00 goes a long way when everyone gives!
  • Volunteer at the shelter
  • Advocating for VRS to local legislators
  • Providing employment or housing opportunities for VRS participants
  • Sponsoring fundraising events through your business
  • Donating needed items or in-kind services



Valley Restart is a shelter and resource center for homeless families and individuals located in the heart of the Hemet-San Jacinto Valley. It was incorporated in 1989 as a 501©3 non-profit organization.

  • Emergency Shelter
  • Community evening meal/showers
  • Rental assistance (funding limited)
  • Bus Ticket Home Program
  • Birth Certificate and ID assistance
  • Community resource and referrals

Homelessness is an issue every city has. The contributing factors are: unemployment, financial crisis, medical crisis, domestic violence, mental health, addiction, and legal issues. Although some people may choose to remain homeless, our focus is helping those who want out and are willing to take whatever steps necessary to achieve that goal. We believe the services we provide are a hand up not a hand-out to those who want help. With your community support we can continue be a part of the solution to help our residents.

What does VRS need?
We need the community to understand the value of the services we provide and to commit to providing the resources to ensure VRS can continue to help. The development of a stable income is essential. VRS needs an expanded and stable source of operating funds.